Ion Control Podcast


Ion Control LCG Episode 12

In this podcast Matt and Dan go over Matt's recent Regional and talk a little bit about Matt's opinions on the recent Canadian Nationals announcement.

Note: This episode was originally planned to be a segment on episode 11, but since episode 11 ran long and so did this we decided to cut it into two different episodes.


Ion Control LCG Episode 11

In the episode Dan and Jonathan talk about the Canadian National announcement, what to do with Jedi, and how we have been prepping for Regionals!


Ion Control LCG Episode 10

In this very special episode we get the opportunity to interview Erik Dahlman, a LCG designer from Fantasy Flight Games who works on Star Wars The Card Game!! We prepared many questions for him, ranging from how he got started at FFG to his thoughts on the future of the restricted list and much more!

This episode runs a bit short, we decided to just do the interview for this episode and we don't have much of an intro or news since we wanted to get right into talking to Erik.


Ion Control LCG Episode 9

In this episode we nerd out over all the news that came out of Star Wars Celebration, talk about some of the new cards, discuss our opinions of the viability of Pilot cards and Jonathan goes over his store champs winning decks.


Ion Control LCG Episode 8

In this episode we go over some new Rebel spoilers from the pack "Draw Their Fire" and we discuss what we would like to see out of Canadian Organized play in the future.

- Link to the spoiler images


Ion Control LCG Episode 7

In this episode Dan and Jonathan go over some FFG news out of GAMA, the last of their store championships, and dive into some discussion about the brand new force pack!

- Link to the new SWLCG FAQ


Ion Control LCG Episode 6

In this episode Matt and Jonathan talk about the recent Store Championships they attended and we go over what decks they ran, and what they faced.


Ion Control LCG Episode 5

In this episode we discuss some of the preparation we have been doing for upcoming store championships. We also talk about the current state of Rebels and what they might need to become more successful, and share some our deck ideas for the Scum and Villainy faction.


Ion Control LCG Episode 4

In this episode we talk a little about a Store Championship that Dan participated in, discuss several Between the Shadows topics, and new deck ideas. Unfortunately Jonathan was not able to make it for this episode.


Ion Control LCG Episode 3

In this episode we discuss the ton of SWLCG news we missed during our short holiday break, about the text spoilers for Between the Shadows and talk about the upcoming store championship season. Matt also shares his experiences playing in a 2v2 tournament, and his decklists. Plus some discussion on FFG's new game Star Wars Imperial Assault.