Ion Control Podcast


Ion Control LCG Episode 31

February 18, 2017

It's the road to Star Wars Worlds 2017

I am joined once again by Tyler Parrot (Dav Flamrock) from The Shadow Archive Collective.

In this episode we get into the recent announcment for Worlds and Pre Sale for tickets for players who have won at a major recent tournament.

We also get into the new Alliance Cycle and how is Scum shaping up, with much much more!


Show Notes:

1:55 Guest Appearance

2:35 Show Outlook

3:25 Regional Talk 

5:00 Worlds chat

17:55 Alliance cycle

35:35 What is happening with scum?

47:20 Regional sucesses around the USA

54:20 Podcast/ game Shoutouts

Cardboard of the Rings -

Mythos Busters -


1:06:40 Show end