Ion Control Podcast


Ion Control LCG Episode 29

December 2, 2016

Welcome back for another deck breaking episode of Ion Control Podcast.

After the sad departure of Dan from the show, I have moved to a format where I will be having guests on from time to time and this week I have the esteemed Tyler Parrot DavFlamrock) from The Shadow Archive Collective and formerly of Team Sandcrawla fame.

My apologies for my audio around the midway point; Tylers is fine.


Guest Intro (3:02)

-The Shadow Archive Collective (35:45)

News (37:48)

Worlds Discussion (45:00)

- my audio is bad here for a few minutes

-decks for Tyler;

DS (59:50)

LS (109:40)

Topic of the week (128:00)

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