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Ion Control LCG Episode 20

In this episode Dan (chunkygorillas) and Jonathan (AussieJedi) go over the recent LCG news, what they think the worlds meta will be like, FAQ predictions, IE  Smuggler and Spies deck experiments and ideas for LCG pre-release and release events.

Relevant Links:
-Store Champs Announcement
-So Be It
-Jonathan's IE Smuggler deck

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Ion Control LCG Episode 19

With the Rogue Squadron cycle now at an end Dan and Jonathan discuss what they though of it as a whole, and if it was successful. They also look into the future and talk about what we have seen coming in the Endor cycle. A new segment, The Holocron, is also introduced this episode, where the hosts cover a range of quick topics like what does the new L5R LCG mean for Organized Play, Is Imperial Entanglements even delayed? and talk about some upcoming releases in the Star Wars universe.

Relevant Links:
-Worlds Prizes
-UK Nationals
-Australian Nationals
-The Council Video Cast

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Ion Control LCG Episode 18

In this episode Dan and Jonathan go over and rate all the sets from the upcoming Imperial Entanglements deluxe box.

Note: due to using a new recording program the levels are a bit off and Dan is a little quiet, sorry about that.

-Link to full Imperial Entanglement Spoilers

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Ion Control LCG Episode 17

In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics, lots of them submitted to us through Facebook. We get a little recap of the rest of FFG's gen con news we didn't already discuss, talk about our opinions of prizing and how OP does things, The power level of the Imperial Entanglements deluxe box and do a lightning round of the other questions submitted to us. Thanks everyone who asked a question, if you have anymore you can Tweet us, Facebook us, PM us on the Forums or email us at
*There is a bit of swearing in this episode, so it deserves the NSFW tag*

-Link to In Flight Report Video

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Ion Control LCG Episode 16

**The audio is choppy on this one, due to long distance and crappy hotel wifi
Dan and Jonathan do a quick and dirty episode recapping the first day of the North American Nationals! We talk prizes, go over the swiss rounds and Jonathan gives us an idea of the overall meta there!

- Link to National Prizes

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Ion Control LCG Episode 15

In this episode we are finally joined by Jonathan again and we get a chance to discuss his regional event. We also go over the newly release FAQ

-Link to the new FAQ and Tournament Rules

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Ion Control LCG Episode 14

In this episode we go over Smuggler and Spies spoilers out of the upcoming Chain of Command pack!

- Link to spoiler images

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Ion Control LCG Episode 13

In this episode Dan and Matt go over Dan's recent regional and go over the brand new pack Attack Run.


Ion Control LCG Episode 12

In this podcast Matt and Dan go over Matt's recent Regional and talk a little bit about Matt's opinions on the recent Canadian Nationals announcement.

Note: This episode was originally planned to be a segment on episode 11, but since episode 11 ran long and so did this we decided to cut it into two different episodes.


Ion Control LCG Episode 11

In the episode Dan and Jonathan talk about the Canadian National announcement, what to do with Jedi, and how we have been prepping for Regionals!