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Ion Control LCG Episode 30

Its the last episode for 2016

In this episode I am joined by the esteemed LCG champ...Mick Cipra.

It was a great honour to have Mick aboard for an episode and we discuss a little Rogue One; SPOILER ALERT!! new cards that are to be released soon and more so strap in and Dont Get Cocky!

This episode was recorded a little while ago and it's finally up for all of you to listen to.

Carrie Fisher R.I.P. 


Ion Control LCG Episode 29

Welcome back for another deck breaking episode of Ion Control Podcast.

After the sad departure of Dan from the show, I have moved to a format where I will be having guests on from time to time and this week I have the esteemed Tyler Parrot DavFlamrock) from The Shadow Archive Collective and formerly of Team Sandcrawla fame.

My apologies for my audio around the midway point; Tylers is fine.


Guest Intro (3:02)

-The Shadow Archive Collective (35:45)

News (37:48)

Worlds Discussion (45:00)

- my audio is bad here for a few minutes

-decks for Tyler;

DS (59:50)

LS (109:40)

Topic of the week (128:00)

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Ion Control LCG Episode 28

It's been a while, but we're back!

In this episode we get caught up on what we have been up to, recap Worlds, Nationals, and a recent regional Daniel played. Then we go over the latest FAQ and share our opions on the latest cycle so far.



-Flip the force Bounty promos from worlds

-FFG world's stats


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Ion Control LCG Episode 27

In this episode we go over some awesome Sith spoilers from the upcoming pack "Press the Attack" we got from FFG, and we discuss strategies that can help the Light Side deal with Navy.

This episode was also recorded as a video cast, which can be viewed on Youtube:

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Ion Control LCG Episode 26

Listen to the episode here!

In this episode we go over all the new Organized Play news, and recap Jonathan's and Dan's recent store championships.

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Added info:

Canadian Regionals were posted the day after recording this - LINK

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Ion Control LCG Episode 25

Welcome to episode SQR(3*(153.6-50)+2*(200-44.54)+PI). In this episode we go over some recent events, have an interview with Scott Armstrong, from the First Planet Podcast, where we talk about mono smugglers, and we talk about the new hotness Brainiac.

Relevant links:
- Team Covenant's Brainiac Spoiler
- Release the Cracken!
- 2016 Organized Play Dates
- 2016 Spring Kits
- 2016 Summer Kits
- GA Full Spoilers
- First Planet Podcast

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Ion Control LCG Episode 24

In this episode Dan and Jonathan get caught up on the news, take an in depth look into trooper decks, and delve into the cards spoiled for the upcoming deluxe box, Galactic Ambitions!

Relevant Links:
- Galactic Ambitions Article
- FFG suspension policy
- Link to Dan's winter kit deck lists, and the Trooper lists discussed

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Ion Control LCG Episode 23

**This Episode does contain minor spoilers to Star Wars episode 7, we don't spoil any major plot points but we do discuss the characters. So if you haven't seen the movie yet you may want to wait to listen to this episode.

Happy Holidays! We are back from our little Holiday break with a new episode, this week we go over the new FAQ, talk about our thought on Force Awakens being added to this game, talk about how to get new players into the game, and put out a challenge for the listeners to share us some trooper decks, so next episode we can discuss building around the trooper synergy.

Relevant Links:
- New FAQ
- Skype Group
- Dan's Blog

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Ion Control LCG Episode 22

In this special post Worlds Episode we had the pleasure of getting to interview Tom Melucci, this years World Champion of Star Wars LCG. Dan also goes over his world's experience in this episode.
This will be our last LCG episode in till after the holiday season so we decided to make it a long one! We packed over 2 hours full of Worlds related content, I hope you enjoy!

Episode guide
00:00:00 - Intro and News
00:14:55 - Interview with Tom
01:17:40 - Dan's Worlds overview

Relevant Links
- Press the Attack announcement
- Star Wars Rebellion Board Game
- World's Top 16 Decklists

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Ion Control LCG Episode 21

In this episode Dan and Jonathan go over the news, the new FAQ, and Worlds.

Relevant Links
- New FAQ
- All the Worlds Info
- First Planet Podcast Worlds meetup event

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